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GIF from Youtube

It's now incredibly easy to make gif from Youtube video. It happens that you would like to capture some moments while watching video online. This is where "youtube to gif" tool can help you. Animated GIF is the best way to save time frame from the video and share it online. Because it's really easy, takes seconds and gives a lot of fun.

So, how to make a gif from YouTube using our tool? Copy URL of the video and paste it to the text field above. There is only one text input field on this page, so you can't miss. Click "Load YouTube video" and wait a little, while we checking the video source. It takes seconds usually. If no error message is shown and every thing is okay you will see video preview and gif options. Enter start time, gif duration and click "Make a GIF" button. That's all! All magic is done inside gif maker tool and you will be redirected to the result page.

By the way, you may notice those amusing gifs on the web, where all actions go in a reverse order. Our reverse gif maker is a tool where you can make those reverse gifs yourself. No special skills required.